Confessions Of An Angel

Born an orphan, on my own and different from the rest,

bound in chains, abused and beaten, I’ve suffered like the best.

Beyond my early years – well I did not intend to be,

No matter how much they said it, God couldn’t have a plan for me.

Through all the years of loneliness, the trouble and the strife.

I could never seem to pick the one, a Godly loving wife.

Now if there ever was a plan, it’s sure and long since passed,

so let me die and take me Lord, to Heaven sure and fast.

The Lord He spoke, the plan was made, near knocked me off my feet,

I bravely fumbled for some words, my cold heart clearly beat.

I searched my heart and searched my soul, but could not understand,

His choice, His love, His Majesty or why He held my hand.

I’ve done some horrid things in life, shouldn’t be running round and livin’

of all the millions I’m the one He shouldn’t have forgiven.

My Father doesn’t work like that, He made my heart to sing,

so now my soul belongs to God, my Saviour and my King.

A strength that I have never known that God Himself anointed,

the living light within me grows, the one that He appointed.

I feel His power in my wings, as the early sun is dawning,

as it grows I sing His praise like the birds that love the morning

There’s a special kind of Angel now that’s living deep inside,

there’s a fire burning brightly now that I must try and hide.

A strength and love I never knew, a power that’s slowly growing,

I fight and pray to keep it calm, to keep the world from knowing.

Christmas Special

Good Home Needed.

  • Can work unsupervised
  • Cheap to run
  • Mood – stable, happy, calm. Needs love and attention to maintain mood
  • Fully domesticated (and no toilet seat worries)
  • Save electricity, no electric blanket needed at night
  • Comes with own transport
  • Comes with a full set of coverings for every situation
  • Adapts to existing and new technologies quickly
  • Has built-in fitness routine
  • Will consume anything but prefers healthy food
  • Rehydrate with water only
  • Asking price $ – cheap. All offers considered

Ha, ha. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Morning run, Porirua

I belong to the Aurora Harrier club and since we are a small club we keep meeting and running during the lockdown. The track we went up from Camp Elsdon has 2 options; one is a zig-zag that is 6km, the other is 1.75km but there is a catch – it had 711 stairs before you reach the top. We decided to take the stairs!! In the view out to sea you can spot the South Island of New Zealand. Today was a perfect day, sometimes you are in the clouds and sometimes it’s so windy that you can barely stand up. Today there were cows on the track and sheep with young lambs on the nearby hills.

Love You Like This

I love you strong,

I love you good,

love forever,

just like we should.

I love you right,

I love you true,

strong as the star,

that’s shining blue.

I love you near,

I love you long,

from Amazon,

to old Hong Kong.

I love you up,

I love you down,

from past the sun,

to my hometown.

I love you now,

I’ll love you then,

even if time

should start again.

I’ll love you close,

I’ll love your heart,

together bound,

we can not part.

In The Light

Heartbeat slowing, starlight glowing,

wind is warm and night-time blowing.

Eyes are closing, starlight dozing,

senses filled, night-time supposing.

Dark and dusty, moonlight gusty,

sleeping on the sunrise rusty.

Waking dreamy, moonlight beamy,

singing with the sunrise gleamy.

Weak and weary, twilight dreary,

drifting in the morning bleary.

Worn and sleepy, twilight creepy,

floating through the morning weepy.

Dream it’s taking, sunlight waking,

rising in the daylight breaking.

Strayed and winding, sunlight finding,

lost within the daylight blinding.

Be With Me

Carry me, carry me,

make haste and carry me,

over the green hills free.

Marry me, marry me,

come on and marry me,

down by the deep blue sea.

In a boat, in a boat,

we shall live in a boat,

with the waves, just you ‘n’ me.

Care for me, care for me,

be strong and care for me,

the same I’ll do  all my days.

Pray with me, pray with me,

raise hands .and pray with me,

God Most High we will praise.

Love with me, love with me,

let your heart love with me,

we’ll both set the sky a-blaze.

What I live With

Radioulna Synostosis

When I was growing up I didn’t  think of myself as being any different to other children until I went to intermediate. It didn’t make a difference to the things that I did at school and nobody noticed (as they still don’t) that I have to do some things a little awkwardly. At college I dare not tell anybody that I was different as I would have been picked on for it.

It wasn’t until I started work and left home that I realised how difficult life was going to be with my arms that way they are.

So what is Radiounla Synostosis? It was first described in 1793 and since then there have been just over 400 cases reported. 60% of people with Radioulna Synostosis have both arms affected. The radius and ulna are the two bones in the lower arm (yes you have 2 bones there). In my arms these two bones are joined near my elbows. My elbows  work properly. If you put your elbows by your side and your lower arms out in front of you, you can rotate your arms so that your palms are either facing up or down. Both my arms and hands are locked in a vertical position like you use when you shake someone’s hand. 

This makes a lot of things difficult or impossible for me to do and because I am constantly having to compensate for my lack of movement my arms and hands are sore most of the time.

I can’t go through drive-throughs at take-away fast food restaurants as I can’t hold my hands out properly.

Riding a bike for more than a few minutes can hurt my arms, a bike with proper suspension would probably help although I have never had the chance or money to try one.

When people give me things like coins I can’t take hold of them properly.

It hurts me to wash and wipe certain parts of my body (I will leave that to your imagination).

Just lately at some shops I have been handed the EFTPOS terminal which is once again awkward.

I also feel really awkward when I hug someone, that being said – more hugs would be nice.

Things that would help include: A Tupperware can-opener (this is the only brand that I have used that doesn’t hurt my hands to use), regular hand and arm massages, a car that is easier to drive and doesn’t require as much maintenance.

I don’t take any medication for this or anything else which is great.

Additional: In the last 2 years I have had various bone growths that don’t restrict movement but are visible on my hands, shoulders and head. I have no idea why this is happening or if it is some other condition ending in “osis” that I have – and yes it does worry me.

Finding Love

Love is still the answer,

so with both hands we take.

It’s not just an illusion,

it’s the Rock that cannot break.

Though we dream it nightly,

it’s the thing we cannot make,

Sometimes we see it slipping,

let’s hold on for heaven’s sake.

Oh the things that happen

when we dream and think at night.

Then by day we banish them,

to fight another fight.

There’s a loving kind of loving love,

but she might never see.

A burning kind of burning love,

that burns inside of me.

Two foolish hearts may beat as one,

upon the raging foamy brine.

Too foolish hearts unite one day,

Oh let it be this heart of mine.

So let this heart be loving God,

no matter what the scene.

Don’t let them tear asunder,

what you made so pure and clean.

Rhyming Poetry