Now who could marry such as I,

fallen fast of painted sky.

A quarry even time forgot

now cage my soul or tarry not.


None find me close or far away.

Am I alone? A threadbare stray.

But find I someone just as you,

and rise on sunsets golden hue.


Evening Prayer

The day grows old, the heat it bakes,

‘neath my prickly cactus tree.

Lord though I lift your name in high,

please send respite soon to me.


The wisps of sand they make their way,

through my door and out the back.

I watch their movement and I pray,

there’s just one thing that I now lack.

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Saturday Night Walk


IP Rating, what does it mean?

IP (Ingress Protection).

Yes that’s what the “IP” stands for.

In Brief – The first number following the “IP” is a Solid Particle Protection rating, the second number is a Liquid Ingress Protection rating. See below for the ratings and what they mean. I have also included the IP rating letters that can appear at the end of the rating number. Continue reading IP Rating, what does it mean?


Sunday Morning Walk


Protected: Ian Priest Memorial Hutt River Trail 2018

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Sitting on the toilet and someone found an interesting place to curl up.

Funny Cat

Pigeons and Clouds

The pigeons and clouds have secrets you know,

and whisper them way up high.

Nobody will hear their promises,

not one but you and I.


The clouds deliver their messages,

straight from our God Most High.

Nobody will see their hope you know,

not one but you and I.

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What If?

If I had a heart would I belong?

If I had a voice would I have song?

If I had no breath would I be gone?

A grave the weeds will walk upon?


If I held you close would you be treasured?

If I held your love could it be measured?

If in your arms would I exist?

Or be the one that’s never missed?

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Wretched Slave

What would it be to wander

any place my feet would go?

To not be chained and shackled

to the darkness and the snow.


How I would like to smile,

just at the sunshine on my face?

To escape my dreary dungeon,

and feel the hand of saving grace.


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The Past

The past is gone,

the past is past,

now is just here

but gone too fast.


It’s history,

it cannot last,

forgotten soon,

from mem’ry cast.

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Some Time (yet another silly poem)

Is it the light or nighttime?

Is it the wrong or right time?

Could it be that it’s teatime?

Or maybe by the sea time?


Come meet me in the springtime

it shall be buy a ring time.

We will talk until it’s bedtime,

until it’s rest my head time.

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Silly forms.

I have been having fun with google forms lately. Please feel free to fill them in if you like.

Try these:

About your boss.

Would you like to

Life, the universe and everything.

Application for my phone number.

Have fun.



Tell me is this your real name

Or just some bar-side hooch

Should I be emptying my glass

or thirsting for a smooch.


Through bloodshot eyes and mouth agape

could swear there’s two of them.

She took me hand and held it fast,

and all I heard was “M”

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The Vow

If I came to you with nothing

but a smile and prayerful tune,

would you take me in and love me

come summer heat or snow in June?


If I gave to you my heart

with all its miles and its flaws,

can it be your one and only?

Will you hold it close to yours?

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Rhyming Poetry