This is Whisky and Spudly. They sit on our window sill in the kitchen.

Whisky & Spudly Mar 2011002


Today they can see fresh vegetables from our garden, Spudly helped to clean the carrots.

Our garden 27 Mar 2011004

Whisky and Spudly can also see the garden from their window, they like all our new vege’s in the garden.

Our garden 27 Mar 2011001

Our garden 27 Mar 2011002

Whisky and Spudly have spotted fresh fruit bread from our breadmaker. Yum yum!

Whisky & Spudly Mar 2011001


Whisky and Spudly are having fun with the funny shaped carrots from our garden.

Whisky and Spudly are lost in our parsley forest and have spotted a capsicum growing.

They are watching some fresh veges frying in some olive oil.

Whisky has spotted a bowl of fresh eggs. Yummy.