Poem – Jenny’s Coin

There’s no particular reason for this poem in case you were wondering!

Jenny’s Coin

Once was Jenny,
dropped a penny,
down in the stinking loo.
She peered in,
a puzzled grin,
whatever would she do.


Was never flushed,
the smell it gushed,
and filled the room with gas.
Poor Jenny screamed,
and tears streamed,
her precious coin gone – alas.


Would mother dear,
understand fear,
that she most certain felt.
And would she know,
the rancid flow,
and things that it could melt.


Her courage plucked,
but it just sucked,
body starts to tremble.
Pulled up her sleeve,
began to heave,
at what it did resemble.


She took a stab,
and made a grab,
she fished her hand around.
How she did moan,
she’d found a bone,
near fainted on the ground.


Her coin by fluke,
another puke,
her stomach was now reeling.
The coin aloft,
the smell did waft,
’twas the grandest feeling.


She meant to twist,
but somehow missed,
she’d slipped upon a turd.
Jenny was dank,
and now she stank,
was feeling quite absurd.


The walls they dripped,
the paint was stripped,
she wished that she had ran.
The coin flew high,
into the sky,
right back where it began.


By Roger Vincent – author of

“Apostrophe to Zenith A Book of Poems”

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