Whisky and Spudly # 3

June, July

 On the 9th of July we had thunder, lightening and a hail storm. Whisky and Spudly went outside on the deck to check out the hail. The hail had frozen together to form ice. Whisky didn’t mind it but poor Spudly kept falling over.





Whisky and Spudly inspected the garden after the hail had gone. They are sad because the raspberry bush has been damaged by the hail. They will check it again in the Spring to see if it grows its leaves again.





Whisky and Spudly are happy to see that the broccoli is OK after the storm.

 Whisky and Spudly have climbed to the top of the broccoli plant, they say it looks healthy and ready to eat, yum yum. Whisky likes the cat (Lucy) who has come to investigate  and enjoys the view. Spudly is smiling but is scared of Lucy and wishes he had stayed inside.





Whisky and Spudly have gone to see Mini the rabbit. Spudly doesn’t like being this close. Whisky says “Silly Spudly, Mini can’t get to us…I hope.”

“I don’t like the sound of that, lets go inside and see what Michael and George are up to, it will be safer in there,” Spudly says and quickly hops toward the deck.




Whisky and Spudly like the foam blocks.

“Thank you Michael and George for playing with us,”

they say together.


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