In August we had snow. Whisky and Spudly had never seen snow before so they went into the garden to investigate it. Spudly thinks it’s funny stuff. Whisky seems to be sinking, better go and help Spudly. They found some lettuce growing in the snow, the lettuce and broccoli didn’t mind the snow so Whisky and Spudly are happy.









Whisky and Spudly remembered the poor raspberry bush that got hurt in the hail and thunder storm so they have gone back to check it. Whisky and Spudly can see tiny buds on its branches that will turn into leaves when the weather gets warmer. Good spotting Whisky and Spudly, don’t get too cold in the snow!









Whisky and Spudly have made it through the snow to the stone seat. “Walking through the snow is hard work,” says Whisky, “let’s rest here for a few minutes.”

“Good idea,” says Spudly, “I think the garden looks so nice covered in snow.”









Whisky and Spudly have found a tulip that has popped up to look at the Winter snow.  Maybe it will open up once the sun comes out?