Whisky and Spudly # 5


It’s now Spring, Whisky and Spudly have gone for a walk around the garden and found this statue. “What are they looking at each other for?” asks Whisky.

“I don’t know,” Spudly says, “they should be helping us in the garden.




Whisky and Spudly have gone to see the flower pot man, he’s happy just looking at the bulbs that are starting to come up.Whisky and Spudly are glad that the tulips have started to come out. “It makes the garden look more cheerful,” Whisky says.

“Yes and the daffodils are coming up also,” Spudly says getting excited.




Little Spring lamb is happy just resting for now. Silly Whisky, what are you doing on top of little lamb?

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One thought on “Whisky and Spudly # 5”

  1. Hahahaha…that is cute about Whisky and Spudly.
    I just now caught on that you have another site called Apostrophe to Zenith. I clicked on and learned more about you and that you have a book for sale that is so cool. You are such an outdoorsman and many different job skills. You take nice pictures and look so happy. It seems you are a wonderful person with a wonderful life.


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