Roger’s Alliterations Page

Some Alliterations I made up just for fun.

An Amazon army ant accidentally activated an Andean avalanche.

Big Brazilian Bruce Banner bruised bunched bananas before breakfast.

Collin Carpenter’s carnivorous Canadian cows captured Carry’s corn-crunching crows.

Dan Doppler dangled dangerously down Devil’s Drop delivering distasteful drivel.

Eric Estle earned enough Euros eating Eddy’s eagle eggs.

Farmer Frank fished fluffy feathers from Fred’s fountain.

Gloria Gastro gulped grotty green grapes getting gangrenous growths.

Hermajet’s horrid henchmen hoisted heavy hacker Henry high.

Ingenious Ian introduced insidious insects into Iran.

Jumping jousters jostled Jacob’s Jaguar jokingly.

Kenny knees Kelly’s knitted kite.

Laughing Larry lunged ludicrously loudly letting Linda’s llama’s leap.

Murray madly munches mashed mandarins meanwhile Mandy makes melon marmalade.

Naughty nags neighed nearly nudging Nelly’s noodles.

Orangutans open oysters on Okavango’s orange outcrop.

Peter Pero’s prickled panther pants patiently.

Quoted Quebec’s Queen, “quickly quit quacking Quedrick.” (reading from a book called quick quotes)

Ragged rapscallions raced round Rio-de-janeiro really roughly.

Sally Sackford squirted sauce saturating six slippery snakes.

Ten Texas truckies tickled titanic tarantulas.

Trust Tammy Tompkins to throw ten tigers towards Timbuktu.

Unicorns usually understand unskilled university users.

Vincent Vangoff’s vintage van vroomed very vivaciously visiting Venice.

While Willy waited wasted wheat withered wickedly.

Xhosan Xavier x-rayed xenomaniac Xena.

(Xhosan – bantu speaking tribe from South Africa

xenomaniac – person with excessive attachment to foreign things.)

Yolina’s yucky yellow yak yanked yams yesterday.

Zephania zipped zanily zoo-ward.


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