My Science Fiction Book

I’m in the process of writing the last few chapters now so thought I would post this excerpt from the book (I have yet to decide on a title). I hope you enjoy this.

I’m scared,” she said, “I’m sure there’s something down there.”

We all feel the same way Sam. Let’s get out of here,” Bruce said looking at the group. James reluctantly let go of Sam and turned to the group. They all started walking towards the exit and into the empty transit area. James felt a warm hand hold onto his, he turned to Sam and smiled. She didn’t return his smile though, her and the other girls were petrified and held tight to the guys next to them. The place seemed eerie in the dim lighting and they all quickened their pace and headed down to the parking level. Once again they thought they could see movement in the distance but didn’t dare stop to check it out. Christopher, Gemini and Bruce got into a vehicle first and jumped with surprise when it asked for a destination. Sam giggled making Sally and Gemini giggle also. The Vehicle recognised Bruce as one of the government officials and thought it best not to question him. They said quick goodbyes and each of them looked once more into the shadows but saw nothing. Sally, Sam and the J-twins all got into a vehicle with James and Sam in the front.

Can I talk to it?” Sam asked excitedly.

Sure, good luck,” James replied relieved that he didn’t have to do so.

I won’t need any luck, you’ll see,” Sam said.

I won’t say another word,” James said reclining his seat back and relaxing.

Vehicle, we would like to go to the pool please,” Sam said.

I don’t recognise your voice, what is your name please?” the vehicle asked.

Sam Sillest,” Sam replied..

Oh yes, one of the new arrivals. Welcome to Trinnium 2. I hope you enjoy your stay,” the vehicle said.

Thank you, I will,” Sam said.

Which pool would you like to go to?” the vehicle asked.

The main pool please,” Sam said.

Which entrance would you like to go to?” the vehicle asked.

The main entrance,” Sam said.

There’s no such thing as the main entrance, please restate your answer,” the vehicle said.

Any entrance then,” Sam said.

There’s no such thing as the any entrance then, please restate your answer,” the vehicle said.

Does it matter which entrance we go to?” Sam asked.

There’s no such thing as the does it matter which entrance, please restate your answer,” the vehicle said.

You must be kidding. I don’t know which entrance I want to go to,” Sam said getting angry with the vehicle.

Then I suggest you look at a map and find out where you would like to go,” the vehicle said making Sam even angrier.

Fine,” she said through gritted teeth. The J-twins looked at each other but said nothing. Sally watched with interest as Sam brought up a map of Trintech and studied the pool and the various routes that could be taken through the maze of corridors.

OK vehicle could we please go to the Sunpool entry of the Main pool please,” Sam said thinking she had outsmarted the vehicle.

No, you can not go to that entry point from here,” the vehicle said.

Why on Cellest not?” Sam demanded.

That would require us to go outside the building,” the vehicle said.

So,” Sam said.

There’s a category 5 sand storm outside, the wind speed is now over 400km/ph. We would not survive for more than a few seconds out there. Your map is out of date. Do you require access to a weather report and a new map Sam?” the vehicle asked politely.

By the moons of Cellest, I’m going to reprogram this thing soon. James help!!” Sam pleaded. James just smiled and got out his note taker and sent Sam a new map.

Don’t worry, Jim and I often find the AI frustrating. The vehicles are learning though,”

“Jim and James, the J-twins. Where would you like to go sirs?” the vehicle said trying it’s best not to upset them. Sam just rolled her eyes and sat back with her arms folded across her chest.

First things first, roof please, no air conditioning,” James said.

Good idea sir, I have detected several species of desert spider on this level. They must have come in to shelter from the storm,” the vehicle said.

You’re right and none of them are very friendly. Main pool, emergency exit number two please,” James said.

Yes sir,” the vehicle said and headed off out of the parking level. Sam turned to see what Jim and Sally were doing and saw Sally resting against Jim, his arms were around her waist and she was holding onto Jim’s hands.

Well that’s just great, you two are cuddling up while I’m getting frustrated with this vehicles AI,” Sam said. Jim and Sally laughed, James put a reassuring hand on Sam’s shoulder.

I did try and warn you,” James said.

I know you did,” Sam said finally calming down. She pushed some buttons on the seat’s control panel and tried, without much luck, to get the seat to recline. All of a sudden the seat flew backwards to a horizontal position.

Ahh help,” Sam screamed as she fell backwards. Jim and Sally laughed again but James gently put the seat to mid position and moved it next to his.

Thank you James,” Sam said moving next to him, she rested her head on James’s chest and closed her eyes. James put his arms around her and moved her long red hair away from her face but she was already asleep. Sally sat up and looked over at Sam, all the stress had gone from her face. She reminded Sally of when they were children and had nothing to worry about except which game to play next. 


2 thoughts on “My Science Fiction Book”

  1. Loved the characthers interaction with the AI vechile. Reminds me of when people get frustrated with Sat Navs and Siri. Looking forward to reading the whole book. You have an engaging writing style and relatable characthers. Already can picture the type of world they exist in.


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