Whisky and Spudly # 7

“What are those funny shaped things Spudly?” Whisky asked.

“They’re raspberries,” Spudly said.

“Ooo they look yummy,” Whisky replied.

“Let’s take a look in the garden and see what else is growing,” Spudly suggested.

“OK,” Whisky said.

“This looks interesting,” Whisky says spotting some blackberries.

“These are blackberries,” Spudly said.

“We need to be careful, this blackberry bush is prickly,” Whisky said looking worried.

Whisky and Spudly decided to be silly in the blackberry patch. Spudly tried to hide but Whisky found him.

“I don’t like prickles, lets look for something else,” Spudly said after a while. They both went to find something to climb.

First Whisky climbed on the tomato plant, then they both decided to climb the grape vine to get a better view.

Whisky climbed down first and went to find the cherry tomatoes they had spotted.

“They’re cute little tomatoes,” Whisky said.

“I bet they taste good,” Spudly said bumping one with his head.

Whisky climbs the feijoa  tree and finds one of the feijoas but it’s not ready to eat yet. Spudly climbs the lemon tree and finds lots of lemons but they are not ready either so they decide to have a look in the small orange tree. Can you help them find the orange that is starting to grow?

“Shhhh, he can’t see us,” Whisky says.

“I can’t even see you,” Spudly says trying to find his friend.

“What is this?” Whisky asks.

“It’s a bone,” Spudly replies.

“What does it do?” Whisky asks.

“Dogs eat them,” Spudly says.

“I can’t see a dog but it must be huge. Let’s go Spudly.

“Good idea Whisky. I don’t want to get eaten by a big dog.