Poem for a friend.

For A Special Friend


Somewhere close my special friend

knows that I love her ‘till the end.

When we hug and when we greet,

she always makes me feel complete.


She makes my worries drift away,

as we have fun during the day.

Such a warm and caring heart,

why must we often be apart?


I pray that we can meet up soon,

whether dusk or dawn or noon,

come scorching sun or freezing snow,

maybe near a fires golden glow.


Wish I could make a day for you,

one that’s clean and bright and new.

I’d make a night time full of stars,

Far from roads or lights or cars.


As flowers show their brightest hue

we would be there, just us two.

On a hill we’d take a rest.

Your weary head upon my chest.

For my friend Michelle


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