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Samples from my book

“Apostrophe to Zenith A Book of Poems” is my book which was published by Raider Publishing in New York in 2009.

(There are 189 poems in the book.)

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my home town – Upper Hutt, New Zealand).

From the section – ABOUT DEATH

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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One With The Desert

As he fell he noticed the smell
of the driest baron place.
A struggle to move didn’t improve
his disposition or his face.

He did a dry moan and then a slow groan
as he lay in the desert sun.
He had a strange grin just above his chin
as he baked when his day was done.

A quiet rest settled on his chest
but he hadn’t the heart to care.
He tasted dust, as he knew he must
and he hadn’t the breath to swear…


I see a dark cloud, overhead like a shroud,
foretelling that my time is near.
As it floats by the sun hits my eye,
now many things are suddenly clear.

Day has turned night, my will it took flight.
Will you miss me in Autumn my love?
And Springtime too, with roses in hue
and the flight of the fantail dove.

The worm will turn before he can learn
of my poor ragged life and its ebb.
I am but a weft that nature has left,
like a husk in a spiders web…

Funeral Director

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
too bad he’s dead – now let him rust.
We commit this body with gold to plunder,
he’ll soon be rotting some six feet under.

From the section – ANTI-FACE POEMS

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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Blue Face

Your face is like
the big blue sky.
You took my breath,
you made me cry…

Rose Face

Your face is like
a bright red rose.
When comes the spring
your beauty shows…

Glow Face

Your face – the glow of this new day,
to greet me newly in the morn’.
Your freckles like a starry veil,
a face that time has never torn…

From the section – CHILDREN’S STUFF

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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Butterfly scribbles across the sky,
float away, float away.
A spot of color way up high,
float away, float away.
Your beauty makes the day so new,
won’t you stay, won’t you stay?


Bouncing and jumping’s fantastic,
this frog is made of elastic.
His little green legs he sprang,
till the lily pads he rang.
Jumping by night is a lark,
each new hop leaves its mark…

Moon and Gooseberries

Jiggiley joggily June,
Krystine sat on the moon.
She picked a crystal flower,
to sit and pass the hour…

Mr. B Bore

Hairy old Mr. B Bore
charged into the pea store,
to get his wife some greens.
He slipped upon a raw lentil,
should have been rather more gentle.
Now there’s stains on his jeans.

He slid into a tall rack
and pushed aside a small sack,
to see what was his fate.
He was covered in chilly beans,
got himself up by silly means,
before it got too late…

From the section – END RHYMES

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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Hast thou glimpsed the awful Abbot,
who along with Percy Babbitt,
had a most distressing habit,
eating sour and cheesy rabbit…

Abel Babel

I had an aunt, her name was Abel,
who set out to find the tower of Babel.
‘Twas held together by a flimsy cable,
according to a long lost fable.
One end of the roof was a gable,
but her map had no label…

Dusty Study

An errant breath upon my book
does reveal it to be dusty.
In depth I sat upon a chair,
its dated cushion now crusty.
The lancet window does proclaim
a timid breeze roaming gusty…

From the section – FACE POEMS

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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Hog Face

Your face looks like a hogs head
that smells of blood and guts.
Your nose is fat and wrinkled
with purple infected cuts…

Clog Face

Your face is so clogged
with dirt, muck, and grime.
Your nose is dripping
fluorescent green slime…

Sneeze Face

Your face looks like
a congealed sneeze,
and smells just like
rotting parmesan cheese…

From the section – GROSS STUFF

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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Just Wet

Today I’m feeling rather dank,
maybe too much water I drank.
Clothes are clinging, slightly damp,
muscles aching, soon will cramp.
Floor beneath is spongy, moist,
rotting every redwood joist…

The Art of Farting

When you really let one rip
can you see the old paint strip?
Can you make a nice tune
like Mr. Big Baboon?
Is it like a rhythmic hum,
or like a big kettle drum?…

Eat This

Cockroach in your hair.
A mouse in the stew.
Maggot bread that’s new,
it’s all good for you…

From the section – HUMOUR

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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Ruth’s Tooth

’Struth Ruth, you’ve got a rotten tooth.
Back Jack, or you’ll get the sack.
Quick Nick, grab that stick.
Yank Hank, it looks rather dank.
Hurry Murray, she’s in a flurry…


An ode to my mate Rick.
His finger a needle did prick.
He ran to the hills,
Manisha brought the pills
and then he was violently sick…

We’ve Left Our Clothes We’re Streaking
(Can Be Sung to the Tune of “God Defend New Zealand”)

Ghost of darkness wears a sheet.
In a haunted house we meet.
Hear us scream as we retreat.
We’re not scared we’re freaking.
Get our ageing triumph car,
so we can escape afar.
We don’t know where our bags are.
We’ve left our clothes we’re streaking…

From the section – LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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Long Ago

In a time long since of forgotten lore
where I met a friend, sweet Eleanor.
Past blacksmith and stable did we run,
through meadows of violet in the noon day sun.
The landscape moves with a purple glow,
over rolling hills its cape does flow.
We skipped and ran through infinite days,
by fields and valleys of coloured haze…


Frozen earth and clouded heath,
hides its dwellers far beneath.
Through treetop canopy is sighted
a foxtrot of pansies are delighted.

Rolling fog does now reveal,
beauties vision here to feel
a companion’s warmth beside.
Closer now does she ride.

Past the flowing crystal stream,
reflected angel from a dream.
Autumn leaves twinkle down,
golden stars rest on her gown…

You and I

When I feel your body next to mine,
I shine.
When you lay your head upon my chest,
I rest.
I am the sun and you are my sky,
we’re way up high…

From the section – NATURE

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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The Mirror

Upon a shattered mirror we rode,
we rode the seven waves high,
upon a shattered mirror we rode,
we rode into a moonlit sky.

Upon a gulls call we turned,
we turned into a starry night,
as the gull screamed and banked
we turned into the scattered night.

Upon the moons breath we glided,
soul and spirit floating free.
As the moon breathed upon,
soul and spirit calling me…


In your cloud you should stay
until the night invades the day.
Stars and moon wrapped up in beds,
blackest ruffles enfold their heads.

Asleep the slumbering heavens glow,
shameless hidden winds now blow.
Clouds and rain join in the fray,
relentless torrent upon the bay.

Sea surrendered to the sky above,
for the rain it has no love.
Beating, beating on shore and cove,
stealing the darkest treasure trove.

Tribute to a Black Cat

Panther, panther, born so free,
roaming through nights tapestry.
Essence of the darkness prowling,
drifting on a wind that’s howling.

Dare anybody to have known,
little cat that now has grown.
Once so cute, small and tender,
now dark spirit, strength and splendour…

From the section – NONSENSE POEMS

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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See Ya

See ya later Mr. Waiter.
In a while, on the Nile.
See ya there teddy bear.
See ya soon Mr. Moon.
Bye bye butterfly.
Farewell Tinkerbell…


Time like a memory whistles by,
faster than the blink of a painted eye.
It slows down to look like a deaf man’s ear,
it still sees all and all is clear…

Gone Where?

Where’s your mother gone?
To the sky, to the sky,
to sore way up high.

Where’s your father gone?
Underground, underground,
to find what’s not been found…

From the section – SCIENCE FICTION

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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‘Ere I did ponder,
a distance I did wonder,
through the hottest atmospheres,
upon the moons of Nor.

Twin red giants way up high,
burning through the purple sky,
melts the landscape once again.
Twisting shadows upon a silicon shore…

Take a Bow

You’ve done your work,
now take a bow Mr. Sun,
the day is done.
Wait backstage Mr. Moon,
the sun is finished,
soon diminished.
Stars upon the chorus line,
sing so brightly,
always sprightly…

Where the World May Wander

The cars they keep on going
and show no sign of slowing.
The wheels keep on turning,
for rest the world is yearning.

Earth is filling up at last,
when it’s full our time has past.
Every corner overflows,
time is short, the Earth it knows…

From the section – SMALL THOUGHTS

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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I write because I can.
A poet because I am…


Don’t work, shirk.
Don’t calibrate, celebrate.
Don’t tweak, sneak.
Don’t test, rest…


If I had no birth, no mother’s mirth
would there be an empty space?…

From the section – SOME SERIOUS STUFF

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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Reminiscent Smile

As he sat by the fire place,
a beaded smile has crossed his face.
His memory skipped to whence he came,
he was back with his farmyard flame.

They skip and dance to the fiddlers tune,
the warmth of embrace and her perfume.
The smell of the farm fresh in his nose,
staying together they did suppose…


An edict came down from on high,
from the vastness of the sky.
A weight to bear like a king’s crown,
to load our weary shoulders down.
A world upon each back does fit,
to drag us lower than we sit…

The World Is

The world is blue.
The world is red.
Have you listened
to what I said?

The world is white.
The world is grey.
What will happen
to this day?…


This is just a sample from this section.

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This glossary contains; uncommon words, made up words, common words with a new meaning and words that are here just to fill in some space.

Croft – a small piece of ploughable land in Scotland.
Dell – a deep hollow or small valley usually covered with trees.
Dirge – funeral song.
Disposition – personality.
Drivel – to act or speak foolishly.
Ebb – the lowering of the tide; a decline…

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