How to end the Recession

What Recession?
(My opinion for what it’s worth)

The news says there’s a recession
but some things just make me ponder.
Most of the people – they’re still here,
they haven’t been called up yonder.

We have the same amount of gold
and all other types of metal.
Nothing’s been taken from the Earth,
there’s no score we have to settle.


Trees still produce all kinds of fruit,
the plants still grow and flowers bloom.
We haven’t changed our appetite,
as food fills up room after room.

We still like to fly and travel,
to play games and to laugh and run.
Our business trips can’t be canceled,
yes, we still like the beach and sun.

The world leaders need to gather,
to bring the price of oil down.
We use up every cent we’ve got,
it’s going to drive us out of town.

Let’s all do what we know best,
let’s move, fix, buy, sell and make stuff.
When the news mentions recession
we’ll tell them straight – we’ve had enough.

By Roger Vincent
Author of “Apostrophe to Zenith”


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