Lonely and hungry, oh so weary,

worn and ragged, night time dreary.

Tears drip down from sullen eyes,

soul too broken now to rise.


Tried to stay here, tried to love,

seems there’s no one, just God above.

Drive a knife through soul and chest,

send me to eternal rest.


Try to rouse me, shake me so,

I will not wake, I’ve gone you know.

None to mourn the space I took,

None to turn and none to look.


Bones under the ground that rot,

dust and mold that they begot.

Sun and rain will soon decay,

all trace now gone this nameless day.


Why should they cry upon my grave?

A lonely soul that none could save.

No fancy words, no candles flame,

just a stone and just a name.


Yes I know that this poem had already been posted but I can’t seem to update it, so here is the updated version.


My darling M I love you
will you leave a message here?
Then I shall find some peace of mind
and your heart that is so dear.

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