One score and ten since we met,

my heart will never let me forget,

those bright eyes of green,

I was barely a teen,

and nearly broke out in a sweat.


I wanted to jump for joy

but instead was much too coy,

a foolish young lad,

didn’t know what he had,

should have snared her like a cowboy.


Too soon she had gone afar,

like the moon or a distant star,

alone and forlorn

both night and morn’

like a beggar at a bazaar.


So I traveled the seven seas,

seeing things to both shock and please,

I’ve been to Mayfair

and most anywhere,

even caught some third world disease.


Made friends from a dirty slum,

lost both my Dad and my Mum

so say it ain’t right

to feel life bite,

can’t change the beat of God’s drum


I’ve lived on both sides of the coin,

and cherished the fruit of my loin,

so the decades past,

and I found her at last,

the one whom I would rejoin.


My worries I have put to rest,

with her head upon my chest,

I will rejoice,

His perfect choice,

to her my love I’ve confessed.


She says fortune looked her in the eye

and gave her a big slice of the pie,

as the Lord Jesus lives,

I’ll tell you He gives

and there’s none more lucky than I.