Willow’s Peace

Kiss under the weeping willow

hug me on its grassy pillow,

let your hair flow down my chest

beneath the singing birds we’ll rest.


Shade me from the summer heat,

branches almost touch your feet,

a gentle breezes soft caress,

asleep beneath your leafy dress.


A spider’s clever fingers grasp,

holding close his prey a-clasp,

Through his home the breezes blow

his silken sunlit web a-glow.


Kingfisher on waving perch,

song would fit a holy church.

Through the steeple rise you high,

sundrenched angel of the sky.


Willow shade me from the world,

just let me drift, still and curled.

Silent slumber ‘neath your bough

worries drifted off somehow.


Clouds they circle far above,
sitting peaceful as a dove.

Secrets kept as time goes by,

willow lift me up on high.



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