The Vow

If I came to you with nothing

but a smile and prayerful tune,

would you take me in and love me

come summer heat or snow in June?


If I gave to you my heart

with all its miles and its flaws,

can it be your one and only?

Will you hold it close to yours?


Will you stay with every breath love,

be it infirmed or joy or beat?

Would you save me for the asking,

whether jest or judgement seat?


Will you stay in the loneliness

as the empty ages pass?

Will we be best friends forever

whether low or upper class?


Will you be there at the end love

when the angels come to save?

Whether headstone dressed up fancy

or a lowly pauper’s grave.


Will you watch with me a while love

as the mourners shed their tears?

Will you rise with me to glory

as our blessed Savior nears?


This poem was written for my sister Carol and Geoff’s Wedding. Hope you all enjoy it.

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