Willows Journey

Willow on the hillside steep,

Night time brings the stars a-peep

I alone without her weep,

The lady Gabriella strayed.

Two sunsets and never sighted,

maybe taken wing and flighted,

or fallen ill and deadly plighted?

The lady Gabriella strayed.


Grateful for the weeping tree,

The Creator did provide for me,

so lay me down and let me see,

Where has my Gabriella laid?

On the path she ought have stepped,

now drifted off and wayward slept,

engagement  ‘neath willow not kept,

Where has my Gabriella laid?


Skipping lonely through the night,

followed a fairy’s dainty light,

over a brook and far from sight.

The lady Gabriella dreamy.

Across the opening careen

body now on quite a lean,

the grass it met her soft and green.

The lady Gabriella dreamy.


Fairy left her sleeping sound,

upon the ancient hallowed ground,

the crumbled church now can’t be found,

the lady Gabriella slept.

Gravestones watched as best they could,

mossy silent in the wood,

ghosts-a-gather eerie stood,

the lady Gabriella slept.


Willow can you see afar,

over the hills lit by star,

through the inn, its door ajar?

Is this my Gabriella’s rest?

In the tankards ale is sloshed,

bread a-crumble, greedy noshed,

sweat and stench of never washed.

Is this my Gabriella’s rest?


Open now the rested eye,

Ghostly shimmer looming nigh,

choking on a feeble cry,

the trembling Gabriella wakes

Glowing gowns and ghastly heads,

wakened from their earthy beds,

icy painful death she dreads,

the trembling Gabriella wakes.


Closer now their chilling touch,

raised up with their boney clutch,

no mortal ever witnessed such,

the heart of Gabriella stops.

“You found the church that none could find,”

“Near-death did sleep and with us bind,’

“Only kindness, heart and mind,”

the heart of Gabriella stops.


“A wayward child just like the breeze,

if you stay your heart will freeze,

go and fill your steps with ease.”

The lady Gabriella gasped.

She bowed before the ghostly hoard,

they looked at her with one accord,

she bid them well and thanked the Lord,

The lady Gabriella gasped.


Her footfalls light upon the trail,

woods far behind and bless the dale,

who would give ear to such a tale,

the lady Gabriella free.

Behind her now the petals wave,

bright color shining at the brave,

besot with love and willow crave,

the lady Gabriella free.


Through waving grass and over stile,

her golden hair and glory smile,

mile after blessed country mile,

the lady Gabriella ran.

Hill now looming in the sun,

willow weeping for the one,

lost her way but freedom won,

the lady Gabriella ran.


Upon my perch, waiting high,

closer to the wayward sky,

now I see her drawing nigh,

my lady Gabriella saintly.

Meandering a lonely track,

feet now light it naught they lack,

seems the stones are smiling back,

my lady Gabriella saintly.


In my arms now ‘neath the willow,

lay down on its leafy pillow,

watch the clouds that shape and billow,

my lady Gabriella close.

Golden strands adorn my chest,

tears meet upon my vest,

hold her tight and love her best,

my lady Gabriella close.

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