A Gentle Wind

I see the gently waving trees

and fields you sit upon.

But when I try and look for you,

somehow you’ve all but gone.


Tumbling down, a gentle crash,

you wash a field of rye.

I follow yet I know not how,

you escape my watchful eye.


Wandering across the grass

though lovely willow trees.

With dust and pollen all a-stir,

could just manage a sneeze.


The flowers know then you arrive,

they nod their gay-trimmed heads.

Then you leave them well content,

at night time in their beds.


12 thoughts on “A Gentle Wind”

  1. This is mesmerizing…I could feel the wind through my hair and the smell of wild flowers and fresh grass while reading…The gentle wind gave wings to my heart…to fly to my beloved. Thank you for writing so beautifully, you have the talent to paint dreams…


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