The Mask

The mask I wear none can tell,

trained from birth it fits so well.

Laugh at those that I deceive,

take back the love that they receive.


The memories fade into the dust,

the mask has taken love and lust.

No head to rest, no arms that hold,

Just like a statue – frozen cold.


Some see the light within my eyes,

a demons fall or angels rise.

The mask it plays its part so true,

the only one you see is you.


God with His mercy, hope and love,

sees the mask within – above,

has sent someone to break its chain,

to give me life and freedom gain.


The mask is breaking from within,

losing its grip it starts to grin.

The statue warming from inside,

beaming with love it can not hide.

17 thoughts on “The Mask”

  1. Amazing poem, the final part brought tears of joy in my eyes. Your words are carrying so much light and healing, hope and faith, love and honesty…pure balm to my heart. Thank you! ❤️🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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