Autumn Dreaming

In Autumn we shall float up high,

like a leaf blown through the sky.

Rise up with me beloved one,

our colours touch the burning sun.


In Autumns carpet I could drown,

a burning coloured wedding gown.

Oh see how I will shine with thee,

to match the season’s golden tree.


If Autumn turned to gorgeous Spring,

could you love this wondrous thing?

Just like the sun, I’ll light each day,

and spread my colour round the bay.


Find me under leaf and cloud,

bare my soul and sing out loud.

I’ll wait upon the Autumn hue,

for who is fairer, none but you?


Yes I did take the photo by the way.


17 thoughts on “Autumn Dreaming”

  1. I love Autumn, too. It’s my favorite holiday. It usually doesn’t last very long where I live, but we actually had a pretty nice one last year. If there were a land of autumn I could live in all the time I would. Yet another beautiful poem, my friend!


  2. The sweet, gentle autumn, my soul was aching for its golden light…Imagine how amazing it feels to lay on the yellowed leafs, with nothing to keep you warm except for your beloved arms around you…
    Your beautiful way of expressing so much emotion through words has touched my heart once again…Thank you! 🍁🍂💕


      1. Well, the Autumn gave them to me…to cover my heart when I get cold and lonely 🙂 I usually comment from my IPhone and it has this option of adding all sort of things, like: 🍂🍁🐱🌂🍄🌧💦💧🌫 and many more. I don’t have this option when I comment from the laptop.
        P. S. I don’t get cold and lonely lately, not as much as I used to. I wonder what miracle happened 🙂😍❤️


      1. I wish I’d stayed in your country for a lookie loo rather than passing through on my way to see family in Oz! Heard so many glorious things…. 😌


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