The life of Dr Bob Whatsit

Born in the Christmas Summer,

though none would celebrate with me.

High up in the valley,

all too soon I was cut free.


Forgo the cribside comfort,

crying, sick and broken, small and cute.

Lone house upon the street

to save me from the garbage chute.


School time in the playground,

boys and girls and lots of fun.

Left me bruised and left my loving,

so my happiness was none.


To understand loss and suffering

the emptiness inside.

One accident would do it,

but they’d call it suicide.


I tried to make my living,

fixing people was my trade.

Now I’m the one needs fixing,

no scalpel cut or surgeons blade.


I’d pay the ghastly ferryman,

the Devil and the Lord

to undo the things that broke me

and send the one who I adored.


“Is this what You want from me,”

as the pain tore at his gut.

He knew that only God would see.

how deep his heart was cut.


None left on earth to care for me,

to fix my shredded soul.

Buried in the Winter,

in the deep and darkest hole.


R.I.P Dr B.W.

4 thoughts on “The life of Dr Bob Whatsit”

  1. The dancing angels in the sky
    A heart so hurt could never lie,
    A love so true can’t say goodbye!
    When all was meant for you and I…
    The dancing angels smiled at me
    “Just let him go, just set him free!
    Time is a healer, you will see!
    And you’re not good, don’t you agree?”
    Oh, dancing angels, yes, I know,
    For I’m a wreck, nothing to show,
    Nothing to give, with no more glow,
    So for his happiness, I’ll go…
    Please pray for me as years go by
    I want your eyes to never cry
    A single tear for you and I!
    For you are loved, beyond goodbye,
    Beyond the highest starry sky…

    This is what I wrote after reading your poem. You inspire hearts to create bridges of love, please don’t ever give up.
    Many blessings upon you!


    1. Thank you for writing such an amazing reply to my silly poem. I promise that I won’t give up on life. I don’t think that the Lord will let me do that. Thank you for saying that I inspire hearts. I guess I find that hard to see most of the time. May the Lord bless you also.

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