I’m Tired

I’m tired of being alone,

come and see me.

I’m tired of being lonely,

come and free me.

A restless soul upon the beach,

out of sight and out of reach.

I’m tired of just myself,

with whom to talk.

I’m tired of nobody else,

with whom to walk.

Drifting on the coldest night,

speak to stars that twinkle bright.

I’m tired of this young life,

that just won’t quit.

I’m tired of all the lives,

where I don’t fit.

Drive along the empty road,

shed this weight and take my load.

I’m tired of the Angels,

that guard the gate,

I’m tired of the judgement,

that sealed my fate.

Freed from Earth to rest my head,

by Heaven’s river make my bed.

12 thoughts on “I’m Tired”

  1. Oh oh my young friend. He is always there for you and you have a friend now in me 😊🤗
    Being alone is beautiful. But sad to be lonely. And the soul shall never be fulfilled till it becomes one with her Beloved 💕
    May He always keep your cup filled 💕🙏


  2. Thank you for your comment and for calling me young. I know that our Father in heaven will look after me, I just have to pray and keep having faith in Him.


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