A Christmas Story

So Christmas soon is coming,

Keep the gifts and keep the wine.

All the families shouting joyous,

take your laughter and take mine.

Presents spill in their abundance,

on the tree and on the floor.

Children running, screaming, ragged,

all now gone and all the more.

Christmas turkey, cake and trifles,

fills the tables, fills the halls.

Bread and butter for the lonely,

forget his cry, forget his calls.

Songs ring out for our great Savior,

He was blessed, He was born.

Do they know Him on the Easter,

He was bloody, He was torn?

I shall dance before the Lord,

Upon the sand, upon the beach.

I shall dance before his throne,

out of harm and out of reach.

I shall sing my songs before Him,

of the morning, of his birth.

He shall place the stars in Heaven,

look with awe and look with mirth.

On Christmas day then I will rest,

in His Heaven, in His hand.

And He will place me back so careful,

near the waves and near the sand.

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