Just to Say

Just to say I love you still,

this will be short, I know it will,

a day of sweat and pain and tears,

won’t stop our bright forever years.

Just to say I need you more,

another verse and hugs galore,

I’ll speak the truth and always love,

the one God sent from heaven above.

Morning run, Porirua

I belong to the Aurora Harrier club and since we are a small club we keep meeting and running during the lockdown. The track we went up from Camp Elsdon has 2 options; one is a zig-zag that is 6km, the other is 1.75km but there is a catch – it had 711 stairs before you reach the top. We decided to take the stairs!! In the view out to sea you can spot the South Island of New Zealand. Today was a perfect day, sometimes you are in the clouds and sometimes it’s so windy that you can barely stand up. Today there were cows on the track and sheep with young lambs on the nearby hills.