Confessions Of An Angel

Born an orphan, on my own and different from the rest,

bound in chains, abused and beaten, I’ve suffered like the best.

Beyond my early years – well I did not intend to be,

No matter how much they said it, God couldn’t have a plan for me.

Through all the years of loneliness, the trouble and the strife.

I could never seem to pick the one, a Godly loving wife.

Now if there ever was a plan, it’s sure and long since passed,

so let me die and take me Lord, to Heaven sure and fast.

The Lord He spoke, the plan was made, near knocked me off my feet,

I bravely fumbled for some words, my cold heart clearly beat.

I searched my heart and searched my soul, but could not understand,

His choice, His love, His Majesty or why He held my hand.

I’ve done some horrid things in life, shouldn’t be running round and livin’

of all the millions I’m the one He shouldn’t have forgiven.

My Father doesn’t work like that, He made my heart to sing,

so now my soul belongs to God, my Saviour and my King.

A strength that I have never known that God Himself anointed,

the living light within me grows, the one that He appointed.

I feel His power in my wings, as the early sun is dawning,

as it grows I sing His praise like the birds that love the morning

There’s a special kind of Angel now that’s living deep inside,

there’s a fire burning brightly now that I must try and hide.

A strength and love I never knew, a power that’s slowly growing,

I fight and pray to keep it calm, to keep the world from knowing.

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