Some Time (yet another silly poem)

Is it the light or night-time?

Is it the wrong or right time?

Could it be that it’s teatime?

Or maybe by the sea time?


Come meet me in the springtime

it shall be buy a ring time.

We will talk until it’s bedtime,

until it’s rest my head time.


We’ll be married not before time,

it’ll be our by the shore time.

The priest will surely keep time,

then soon it will be sleep time.


Let’s fly away on honeymoon time,

walk the golden sands at noontime.

Through the bright red leaves of fall time.

I’ll hold tight to you for all time,

This was written when I foolishly thought that I might have found a lady to spend the rest of my life with. Needless to say I no longer have any way to contact her.

Yes, I have re-published this – just because I felt like it!!

At some point this will appear in my 4th book.


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