One Of Todays Poems

Women Everywhere

Women, women, everywhere

but not a single one for me,

Perhaps I should be looking,

below the deep blue sea.


With long blue hair and tentacles

She’d have me all entwined.

Holding me gentle on the waves

She’d surely be a find.


Only two arms to hold her close,

She’d have me wrapped up tender.

Never would do me any harm,

So soft and strong and slender.


Maybe one from the mountain tops,

In a wind-swept hut of stone.

With straggly hair and simple cloths

And the garden she has grown.


Her muscles strong from livin’ hard,

climbs the rocks like a mountain goat.

She’d have the children clinging,

to my arms and ‘round my throat.


Take my chance by a pretty lake,

In a house forgotten, lonely.

She’ll be glad to hold me tight,

I will be her one and only.


Long red hair plaited fancy,

Freckles on her shining face.

I’ll marry her in the Springtime,

with the birds and flowers and lace.


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