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I Live in Porirua and enjoy running, keeping fit and writing rhyming poetry. You can visit my blog and leave me a message if you like.

Who will she be?

Who will be the one, to show me the sun,

and change this cold heart of stone.

To show me love, or Heaven above,

or some good life I’ve never known.

Sharmane or Sam, Caroline or Tam,

Sally who sings with the band,

or Anabelle-lee from dark Tenasee,

with a witches broom in her right hand.

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Just some silly forms

I have updated some of my forms so here they are. Have fun filling them out if you wish. These forms are completely anonymous unless you put your details into the form and submit it.

About your boss.

Contact Information (if you wish to exchange contact information with me.

Would you like to…? (A silly form for ladies who wish to meet me…yeah right!)

Life, the universe and everything.

A question of love. (a stretch of the imagination, for those ladies who may wish to have a relationship with me other than very distant almost friends – which is standard for me)

Sci-Fi Excerpt

This is an excerpt from the second book in the Sci-Fi trilogy that I am working on. I am currently writing the second book and storyboarding the second and third books.

“That sounds like a sensible plan, we’ll meet with you all as soon as we can. Don’t forget to check out the loaders foot controls, they have spikes so that you can lock them to the ground. They also have a global positioning lock,” Jim advised.

“Wendy,” Sam interrupted, “How do you keep your hair looking so good?”

“Oh, thank you. I have been trying a new anti-tangle shampoo and after-wash conditioner. It’s good once you get used to it and it has a strawberry scent,” Wendy said, glad to be giving some advice.

“You must show us when you get a chance. What does a strawberry scent mean?” Sally asked, looking as puzzled as Sam.

“It means the product smells of strawberries, have a look in the pantry and try one, I’m sure that you will both like them,” Wendy was obviously happy to help Sam and Sally knowing that a lot of things would be unfamiliar to them. “I might have to try that hair treatment too,” Jillana said, coming to have a look at Wendy’s hair, “Ahh, do you mind if I touch your hair?” she asked, unsure of the human customs. 

“That’s ok, we do that all the time when we try new products,” Wendy said, making her feel more at ease. Jillana felt her own hair (which fell over her shoulders to the bottom of her ribcage covering some of her cybernetic parts, it appeared straggly and unkempt by comparison) and then Wendy’s rubbing it between her fingers. By now the commanders had finished their discussion and watched with interest along with everyone else. Jillana lifted some of Wendy’s hair to her nose and sniffed gently.

“What’s it like?” Sam asked.

“It’s very soft and smells nice,” Jillana replied, sounding a little excited.

“Why are they all discussing hair?” James asked.

“Susan isn’t, how come you’re not discussing hair?” Nehill asked her.

“What’s wrong with my hair?” Susan asked, giving Nehill a menacing look.

“It’s best to let women discuss it and not say anything that may upset them,” Marble said, remembering the last time he had said something about Sapphite’s hair and regretted it.

“It seems our three races have that in common,” the General said, also remembering an unfortunate incident.

“I didn’t say anything,” Nehill protested, “Susan’s hair looks fine.”

“Thank you Nehill. I’m trying one of last year’s products so I might change soon,” Susan said looking at her own long hair.

“I’m going to find out what a strawberry is,” Jillana said as she headed off the bridge to find the pantry.

“Same,” Sam and Sally said, also heading off the bridge.

“Thanks Jim, we’ll see you both soon,” Wendy turned on the chair and went back to the group.

The men from the three races all looked at each other not wanting to be the first to mention anything about hair.

Confessions Of An Angel

Born an orphan, on my own and different from the rest,

bound in chains, abused and beaten, I’ve suffered like the best.

Beyond my early years – well I did not intend to be,

No matter how much they said it, God couldn’t have a plan for me.

Through all the years of loneliness, the trouble and the strife.

I could never seem to pick the one, a Godly loving wife.

Now if there ever was a plan, it’s sure and long since passed,

so let me die and take me Lord, to Heaven sure and fast.

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Christmas Special

Good Home Needed.

  • Can work unsupervised
  • Cheap to run
  • Mood – stable, happy, calm. Needs love and attention to maintain mood
  • Fully domesticated (and no toilet seat worries)
  • Save electricity, no electric blanket needed at night
  • Comes with own transport
  • Comes with a full set of coverings for every situation
  • Adapts to existing and new technologies quickly
  • Has built-in fitness routine
  • Will consume anything but prefers healthy food
  • Rehydrate with water only
  • Asking price $ – cheap. All offers considered

Ha, ha. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Morning run, Porirua

I belong to the Aurora Harrier club and since we are a small club we keep meeting and running during the lockdown. The track we went up from Camp Elsdon has 2 options; one is a zig-zag that is 6km, the other is 1.75km but there is a catch – it had 711 stairs before you reach the top. We decided to take the stairs!! In the view out to sea you can spot the South Island of New Zealand. Today was a perfect day, sometimes you are in the clouds and sometimes it’s so windy that you can barely stand up. Today there were cows on the track and sheep with young lambs on the nearby hills.