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Humorous bits and pieces.

Funny Quote

I found this during one of the lockdowns. I’m not into watching sport but thought it was quite funny.


Just some silly forms

I have updated some of my forms so here they are. Have fun filling them out if you wish. These forms are completely anonymous unless you put your details into the form and submit it.

About your boss.

Contact Information (if you wish to exchange contact information with me.

Would you like to…? (A silly form for ladies who wish to meet me…yeah right!)

Life, the universe and everything.

A question of love. (a stretch of the imagination, for those ladies who may wish to have a relationship with me other than very distant almost friends – which is standard for me)

Christmas Special

Good Home Needed.

  • Can work unsupervised
  • Cheap to run
  • Mood – stable, happy, calm. Needs love and attention to maintain mood
  • Fully domesticated (and no toilet seat worries)
  • Save electricity, no electric blanket needed at night
  • Comes with own transport
  • Comes with a full set of coverings for every situation
  • Adapts to existing and new technologies quickly
  • Has built-in fitness routine
  • Will consume anything but prefers healthy food
  • Rehydrate with water only
  • Asking price $ – cheap. All offers considered

Ha, ha. Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Red Dwarf 12 Days of Christmas.

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:

Twelve racks of suits.
Eleven Hammond Organs.
Ten lagers with croutons.
Nine diesel decks.
Eight lifeless moons.
Seven cat naps.
Six specs of grit.
Five red hot curries.
Four gazpacho soups.
Three spare heads.
Two pleasure GELF’s.
and a life pod with an alien.

By Roger Vincent
Author of “Apostrophe to Zenith”