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Structured Rhyming Poetry

Pigeons and Clouds

The pigeons and clouds have secrets you know,

and whisper them way up high.

Nobody will hear their promises,

not one but you and I.


The clouds deliver their messages,

straight from our God Most High.

Nobody will see their hope you know,

not one but you and I.

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What If?

If I had a heart would I belong?

If I had a voice would I have song?

If I had no breath would I be gone?

A grave the weeds will walk upon?


If I held you close would you be treasured?

If I held your love could it be measured?

If in your arms would I exist?

Or be the one that’s never missed?

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Would You Love Me?

Would you love me by the washing of the tide and its foaming?

Would you love me on the hillside, grasses waving in the gloaming?

Come follow as we tread the gentle dawnlight and its kisses,

We can watch a million flowers that the dayglow never misses.


Would you love me by the driftwood, twisted shapes that mark its travels?

Would you love me on the tide-line, watching as the night unravels?

Come follow in the moonlight as we dance the wavetops glory.

We can watch the dolphins playing as they sing to us their story.

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Worm-Larder Jane

Worm larder Jane

she rose again,

as the earth did peal away.

She shrieks and moans,

through silver bones,

full moon as bright as day.


Her rotted flesh

was born a-fresh,

the bone-house planks now torn.

Feet struck with blight,

this dreaded night,

into the darkness born.

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The Witch of Halloween

Underneath below the pale-faced moon,

far beyond the sun at noon,

creeping in the darkness soon,

the witch of Halloween.

Her footfalls near a lonely grave,

entombed a common lowlife knave,

now just bones that none could save,

will live on Halloween.

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Frozen Ghost

Lonely ghost drifts through the house

scares a cat, freezes a mouse.

boney fingers scrape the wall,

ice appears right down the hall.


Rotten flesh hangs down from bone,

from her mouth a piercing moan

One lady frozen on a stair,

missing heart and half her hair.

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