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Structured Rhyming Poetry

Autumn Dreaming

In Autumn we shall float up high,

like a leaf blown through the sky.

Rise up with me beloved one,

our colours touch the burning sun.


In Autumns carpet I could drown,

a burning coloured wedding gown.

Oh see how I will shine with thee,

to match the season’s golden tree.

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The Mask

The mask I wear none can tell,

trained from birth it fits so well.

Laugh at those that I deceive,

take back the love that they receive.


The memories fade into the dust,

the mask has taken love and lust.

No head to rest, no arms that hold,

Just like a statue – frozen cold.


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Willows Journey

Willow on the hillside steep,

Night time brings the stars a-peep

I alone without her weep,

The lady Gabriella strayed.

Two sunsets and never sighted,

maybe taken wing and flighted,

or fallen ill and deadly plighted?

The lady Gabriella strayed.


Grateful for the weeping tree,

The Creator did provide for me,

so lay me down and let me see,

Where has my Gabriella laid?

On the path she ought have stepped,

now drifted off and wayward slept,

engagement  ‘neath willow not kept,

Where has my Gabriella laid?

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From the day it came to be,

life was traded, given free,

knew it not – what is me?

Spared no joy or warmth or mirth.

Given up as skin and bone,

born to walk the world alone,

empty soul and heart of stone.

Spared no time or date of birth.


Wander freely through the air,

caught too soon, beaten bare,

now a blank and empty stare.

Spared no love or counterpart.

Sold as ragged human waste,

cut off from cherub and the chaste,

torture, dread, abandon, faced.

Spared no food and torn apart.

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