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Willows Journey

Willow on the hillside steep,

Night time brings the stars a-peep

I alone without her weep,

The lady Gabriella strayed.

Two sunsets and never sighted,

maybe taken wing and flighted,

or fallen ill and deadly plighted?

The lady Gabriella strayed.


Grateful for the weeping tree,

The Creator did provide for me,

so lay me down and let me see,

Where has my Gabriella laid?

On the path she ought have stepped,

now drifted off and wayward slept,

engagement  ‘neath willow not kept,

Where has my Gabriella laid?

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Tell me is this your real name

Or just some bar-side hooch

Should I be emptying my glass

or thirsting for a smooch.


Through bloodshot eyes and mouth agape

could swear there’s two of them.

She took me hand and held it fast,

and all I heard was “M”

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