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Death is gone

Death won’t come from suicide,

from quiet stream or raging tide.

Twisted metal, deadly snakes,

can’t take the soul that death forsakes.


From darkened prayer and darker sleep,

death in my bones it will not seep.

So many years of trial and pain,

yet all my strength renewed again.


Death the stranger that I seek,

from year to year and week to week.

My Lord commanded him “away,”

“go take some other soul today.”


Death is gone, the Kingdom’s far,

I watch then drift to heavens star.

So fortunate that they can see,

death in your glory – run from me. 

Book Samples


Samples from my book

“Apostrophe to Zenith A Book of Poems” is my book which was published by Raider Publishing in New York in 2009.

(There are 189 poems in the book.)

If you like any of my pages or just want to say hi, please leave a message. (This is a picture of me taken in

my home town – Upper Hutt, New Zealand).

From the section – ABOUT DEATH

The samples shown are only part of the whole poem.

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One With The Desert

As he fell he noticed the smell
of the driest baron place.
A struggle to move didn’t improve
his disposition or his face.

He did a dry moan and then a slow groan
as he lay in the desert sun.
He had a strange grin just above his chin
as he baked when his day was done.

A quiet rest settled on his chest
but he hadn’t the heart to care.
He tasted dust, as he knew he must
and he hadn’t the breath to swear… Continue reading Book Samples