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Welcome to my website.

Welcome to my website.

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The main purpose of this website was to advertise my poetry book, however it seems to have evolved into much more than just that. Have a look around and leave a message is you have any questions about any of the pages, if you just want to say hi that is cool.

There is a sample from my upcoming science fiction book under the “Rambles” heading, feel free to have a read and comment on it if you wish.

Here are two samples from Apostrophe to Zenith (my poetry book).


Butterfly scribbles across the sky,
float away, float away.
A spot of color way up high,
float away, float away.
Your beauty makes the day so new,
won’t you stay, won’t you stay?

One With The Desert

As he fell he noticed the smell
of the driest baron place.
A struggle to move didn’t improve
his disposition or his face.

He did a dry moan and then a slow groan
as he lay in the desert sun.
He had a strange grin just above his chin
as he baked when his day was done.

A quiet rest settled on his chest
but he hadn’t the heart to care.
He tasted dust, as he knew he must
and he hadn’t the breath to swear…