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Worm-Larder Jane

Worm larder Jane

she rose again,

as the earth did peal away.

She shrieks and moans,

through silver bones,

full moon as bright as day.


Her rotted flesh

was born a-fresh,

the bone-house planks now torn.

Feet struck with blight,

this dreaded night,

into the darkness born.

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Keep It

Worm larder, worm scullery, bone house – a cheep, poorly made coffin usually with gaps in the woodwork.

Keep It

Keep the sun and keep the rain

until my lover comes again.

Keep the stars and keep the sky,

I wish them well and say goodbye.


Keep my cash and will to live,

I’ve finished now, no more to give.

I don’t care much for rotten life,

keep that too and keep the strife.

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