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How to Contact Me

I am living in Porirua, New Zealand

If you would like my phone number just fill in this application form. (Just for fun)

If you would like to email me then try one or both of these: rogerpertronic@gmail.com or ajrimmerbsc@hotmail.com

You can also leave me a message at the bottom of one of the pages and if you don’t want the message published just say so as they are all held for moderation. Does anybody even read this page? Well probable not so I guess I can say whatever I like – if you are the unlucky person reading all this then your grandfather is a snorting warthog and your mother smells of blue vein cheese – so there. If you have gotten this far and are still reading then you are either stronger willed or more curious than most – well done. As i’m devoid of pennies, if someone makes me a lucrative job offer or any other offer and flies me anywhere in the world, I shall be yours for a short while or perhaps a long while, whatever you choose. All offers forthwith will be considered. Have a rotten day.