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Roger Vincent’s poetry

Just Smile

If you cry, smile because I’ll kiss you.
If you travel, smile because I’ll miss you.
If you’re hungry, smile because I’ll feed you.
If you’re lonely, smile because I need you.
If you’re lost, smile because I’ll find you.
If you’re nervous, smile because I’m behind you.
If you’re scared, smile because I’ll squeeze you.
If you’re bored, smile because I’ll please you.
If you’re sad, smile because I love you.
If you’re happy, smile because there’s none above you.

Love Is…

Love is a warm and gentle touch,
I need you near so very much.
On my face it’s the summer sun,
I want your kisses, every one.

Love in my eyes – the stars at night,
spread your blanket beneath their sight.
Love in my soul – a saving grace,
set your sweet smile upon my face.

Love is a flower in the spring,
upon my step your footsteps ring.
Love eternal, until we die,
come stay with me, we’ll float on high.

By Roger Vincent
Author of “Apostrophe to Zenith”


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