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To Look At You

I’d love to look into your eyes,
and wipe away your tears.
I’d love to look into your heart,
and take away your fears.
I’d love to hold you when you smile,
and brush aside your hair.
I’d love to find in your happiness,
myself reflected there.

Just Smile

If you cry, smile because I’ll kiss you.
If you travel, smile because I’ll miss you.
If you’re hungry, smile because I’ll feed you.
If you’re lonely, smile because I need you.
If you’re lost, smile because I’ll find you.
If you’re nervous, smile because I’m behind you.
If you’re scared, smile because I’ll squeeze you.
If you’re bored, smile because I’ll please you.
If you’re sad, smile because I love you.
If you’re happy, smile because there’s none above you.