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At one time or another.

This is just a list of things I have done either as part of the jobs I have done or while on holiday somewhere.

Job stuff.

Telecommunications, alarm installation technician, RF technician, instrumentation, electrical service technician, receptionist, cleaner, system diagnostics, industrial maintenance, lawn mowing, grounds man, draftsman, plastering, store man, kitchen hand, factory worker (heavy industrial), biomedical technician, electrical safety lecturer, website design.

Other stuff.

Theatrical, includes the following; stage acting, script writing, poetry, stage hand, puppetry, half and full mask development and use, clowning, directing, mime, buffon, theater sports, stilts, street theatre.

Roller skating, ice skating, snow and water skiing, running abseiling, rock climbing, flying trapeze, archery, windsurfing, snorkeling, knee-boarding, white and black water rafting, soccer, badminton, swimming, bungee jumping, parachuting, shooting, tramping, camping, canoeing, bicycle repair, sailing, snow tobogganing, life saving instructor, book writing and publishing, hapkido, power kiting, stand up paddle boarding, kite landboarding


I have traveled to the following countries and on the way seen and done some interesting stuff:


In March 2017. Michelle and I traveled from Melbourne up to Sydney by car then to the Gold Coast and back to Sydney, I will include the website here at some stage.

Traveled to Sydney where I saw: the Opera House, Taronga zoo, double-decker trains, the Sydney harbor bridge, cousins and beaches.

Melbourne where I saw more cousins, some funny art stuff and trams.

Canberra where I saw the houses of parliament and more cousins.


What did I do in Fiji, well just relaxed in the sun mainly. I have been to Fiji 3 times now and love it. I saw tropical fish, coral reefs. One time I saw a sea snake coming towards me so I kept really still and it brushed past my arm and kept going. If it had bitten me I would have had two hours to live, but our boat was two hours out from the closest main Island. Angela and I went to Fiji fro our honeymoon with our daughter who was one at the time. We went to a traditional Fijian village.

New Caledonia.

I stayed at Club Med where I did the following: flying trapeze, snorkeling, rock climbing, windsurfing, archery and lazing in the sun.


Vancouver, where I  saw/did:  cousins, the aquarium, Christmas lights, underground shopping, sky train, ice skating, huge supermarkets, shopping malls, squirrels, Capilino suspension bridge and skiing.

Edmonton, where I saw/did:  lots of cousins, ice skating, operated the penalty box at an ice hockey game, West Edmonton Mall and skiing.

Grand Prairie, stayed with cousins.

Hong Kong.

Went on the underground trains, went shopping, did a harbor cruise.


Saw:  lots of poor people and slums, camels, elephants, cows walking down main streets, people going toilet where ever they wanted,  a funeral pyre by the river, buzzards, the Taj Mahal. Traveled by train across India, went on an elephant ride to a temple. Ate lots of curry. Got sick twice. Had to buy water to drink!


Saw: lots of poor people and slums again. In general, the poor people of Kenya are a lot more friendly than India. Traveled in matatus, had to buy drinking water, went to the Masai Mara, went into the outback and stayed near a village where the ladies had to walk for an hour every day to get water for everyone, got our 4WD  stuck in a  small river and two days later the river had dried up, saw a cactus bigger than a house, lizards, lions, leopards, huge elephants, a rhinoceros  with its baby, giraffes, gazelles, lots of zebras, hippo’s, visited a tribe where the children had never seen a white person before, visited lots of people living in mud huts, went to a mud hut church, crossed the equator, haggled in marketplaces.


It is most likely that while in the Masai Mara we traveled into the Serengeti in Tanzania which is why this is included.


I stayed in central London and enjoyed looking at some of the tourist attractions like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Dungeon. I found the underground really easy to get around on. While there we traveled to the city of Bath and I went to visit my Uncle Mike and Auntie Jean who lived in Wythham Village near Oxford.

USA -Miami

We just stopped for a day and went shopping here.


The capital ( Quito ) is about 10,000 feet above sea level and you can feel quite dizzy when you land especially if you try and do any exercise as I found out. Went to the monument on the equator and played hacky-sack across the equator, haggled in market places, survived the Shell road, held a boa constrictor, worked on a building site, stayed with an Ecuadorian family, stayed a night with a tribe in the Amazon Jungle, saw leaf cutter ants and lots of other interesting bugs.