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Willow’s Peace

Kiss under the weeping willow

hug me on its grassy pillow,

let your hair flow down my chest

beneath the singing birds we’ll rest.


Shade me from the summer heat,

branches almost touch your feet,

a gentle breezes soft caress,

asleep beneath your leafy dress.

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Summer Shade

I’m walking through the summer haze,
my head is hot, now rest it says.
I need some shade to sit and laze,
to spend these scorching summer days.

I’m passing by a willow tree,
sitting next to it’s trunk I see,
how tender leaves droop over me,
in summer shade so perfectly.

Just like the coolest everglade,
the filtered glow as sun does fade,
I see how perfectly it’s made,
how lovely looks my summer shade.

A butterfly comes with colours bright,
a blackbird comes to rest from flight,
the stream reflects the stary light,
my summer shade has turned to night.

The way to my soft bed I made,
my summer day the moon betrayed,
the pale light does now invade,
I’m dreaming of my summer shade.

By Roger Vincent
Author of “Apostrophe to Zenith”

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