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Whisky and Spudly # 7

“What are those funny shaped things Spudly?” Whisky asked.

“They’re raspberries,” Spudly said.

“Ooo they look yummy,” Whisky replied.

“Let’s take a look in the garden and see what else is growing,” Spudly suggested.

“OK,” Whisky said.

“This looks interesting,” Whisky says spotting some blackberries.

“These are blackberries,” Spudly said.

“We need to be careful, this blackberry bush is prickly,” Whisky said looking worried.

Whisky and Spudly decided to be silly in the blackberry patch. Spudly tried to hide but Whisky found him.

“I don’t like prickles, lets look for something else,” Spudly said after a while. They both went to find something to climb.

First Whisky climbed on the tomato plant, then they both decided to climb the grape vine to get a better view.

Whisky climbed down first and went to find the cherry tomatoes they had spotted.

“They’re cute little tomatoes,” Whisky said.

“I bet they taste good,” Spudly said bumping one with his head.

Whisky climbs the feijoa  tree and finds one of the feijoas but it’s not ready to eat yet. Spudly climbs the lemon tree and finds lots of lemons but they are not ready either so they decide to have a look in the small orange tree. Can you help them find the orange that is starting to grow?

“Shhhh, he can’t see us,” Whisky says.

“I can’t even see you,” Spudly says trying to find his friend.

“What is this?” Whisky asks.

“It’s a bone,” Spudly replies.

“What does it do?” Whisky asks.

“Dogs eat them,” Spudly says.

“I can’t see a dog but it must be huge. Let’s go Spudly.

“Good idea Whisky. I don’t want to get eaten by a big dog.


Whisky and Spudly # 6

Whisky and Spudly, Autumn 2012

Whisky and Spudly had a race to get to the raspberry bush.

Whisky won the race. Yay our first raspberry.

Whisky and Spudly April 2012 003

Spudly is worried that the blackberry bush is going to

hurt the raspberry bush.

Whisky says, “don’t worry Spudly, the raspberry and

blackberry bushes are just friends.”

Whisky and Spudly April 2012 004

Whisky and Spudly are playing hide and seek in the feijoa

bush. Whisky like the look of this feijoa. Spudly is staying

close to the ground in case he falls.

Whisky and Spudly April 2012 005

Whisky and Spudly April 2012 006

The two friends are hungry and decide to eat some grapes

from the grape vine. Don’t eat the green ones Spudly or

you will get sick.

Whisky and Spudly April 2012 008

Whisky and Spudly April 2012 007

Whisky and Spudly were looking for the vegetable garden

but it has been taken over by strawberries.

“Let’s look for some strawberries Whisky,” Spudly says

getting excited.

Whisky and Spudly April 2012 009

Whisky and Spudly have found a new garden friend.

“Baa,” says Sam the sheep.

“That’s a funny noise,” Spudly says.

“Don’t worry Spudly he’s just saying hello,” Whisky says.

Whisky and Spudly April 2012 012

Story and pictures by Michael and Roger Vincent.


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Whisky and Spudly # 5


It’s now Spring, Whisky and Spudly have gone for a walk around the garden and found this statue. “What are they looking at each other for?” asks Whisky.

“I don’t know,” Spudly says, “they should be helping us in the garden.




Whisky and Spudly have gone to see the flower pot man, he’s happy just looking at the bulbs that are starting to come up.Whisky and Spudly are glad that the tulips have started to come out. “It makes the garden look more cheerful,” Whisky says.

“Yes and the daffodils are coming up also,” Spudly says getting excited.




Little Spring lamb is happy just resting for now. Silly Whisky, what are you doing on top of little lamb?

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Whisky and Spudly #4










In August we had snow. Whisky and Spudly had never seen snow before so they went into the garden to investigate it. Spudly thinks it’s funny stuff. Whisky seems to be sinking, better go and help Spudly. They found some lettuce growing in the snow, the lettuce and broccoli didn’t mind the snow so Whisky and Spudly are happy.









Whisky and Spudly remembered the poor raspberry bush that got hurt in the hail and thunder storm so they have gone back to check it. Whisky and Spudly can see tiny buds on its branches that will turn into leaves when the weather gets warmer. Good spotting Whisky and Spudly, don’t get too cold in the snow!









Whisky and Spudly have made it through the snow to the stone seat. “Walking through the snow is hard work,” says Whisky, “let’s rest here for a few minutes.”

“Good idea,” says Spudly, “I think the garden looks so nice covered in snow.”









Whisky and Spudly have found a tulip that has popped up to look at the Winter snow.  Maybe it will open up once the sun comes out?

Whisky and Spudly # 3

June, July

 On the 9th of July we had thunder, lightening and a hail storm. Whisky and Spudly went outside on the deck to check out the hail. The hail had frozen together to form ice. Whisky didn’t mind it but poor Spudly kept falling over.





Whisky and Spudly inspected the garden after the hail had gone. They are sad because the raspberry bush has been damaged by the hail. They will check it again in the Spring to see if it grows its leaves again.





Whisky and Spudly are happy to see that the broccoli is OK after the storm.

 Whisky and Spudly have climbed to the top of the broccoli plant, they say it looks healthy and ready to eat, yum yum. Whisky likes the cat (Lucy) who has come to investigate  and enjoys the view. Spudly is smiling but is scared of Lucy and wishes he had stayed inside.





Whisky and Spudly have gone to see Mini the rabbit. Spudly doesn’t like being this close. Whisky says “Silly Spudly, Mini can’t get to us…I hope.”

“I don’t like the sound of that, lets go inside and see what Michael and George are up to, it will be safer in there,” Spudly says and quickly hops toward the deck.




Whisky and Spudly like the foam blocks.

“Thank you Michael and George for playing with us,”

they say together.

Whisky and Spudly #2


Whisky and Spudly like our silverbeet, if it rains they can hide under the leaves.

Whisky and Spudly have climbed our little orange tree to look at its first two oranges.

Whisky and Spudly are being silly in the lemon tree, Spudly is trying to hide.

Whisky and spudly are checking the carrot and red beet seeds that are starting to grow. They can’t see any spinach or onion growing yet and want to help get rid or the weeds and dead leaves from the grape vine. Thank you Whisky and Spudly

Whisky and Spudly #1

This is Whisky and Spudly. They sit on our window sill in the kitchen.

Whisky & Spudly Mar 2011002


Today they can see fresh vegetables from our garden, Spudly helped to clean the carrots.

Our garden 27 Mar 2011004

Whisky and Spudly can also see the garden from their window, they like all our new vege’s in the garden.

Our garden 27 Mar 2011001

Our garden 27 Mar 2011002

Whisky and Spudly have spotted fresh fruit bread from our breadmaker. Yum yum!

Whisky & Spudly Mar 2011001


Whisky and Spudly are having fun with the funny shaped carrots from our garden.

Whisky and Spudly are lost in our parsley forest and have spotted a capsicum growing.

They are watching some fresh veges frying in some olive oil.

Whisky has spotted a bowl of fresh eggs. Yummy.